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Here you'll find songs for babies, toddlers and preschoolers that you can sing whenever you feel like it.

There are also more structured Playschool Activities that parents or teachers could do as a playtime activity.

And finally, there are the Playschool Lessons, which group a few Playschool Activities together and follow the themes that the kids are doing at my local playschool.

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Freebie: Music Appreciation Cards (printable)

Freebie: Music Appreciation Cards (printable)

There is so much great music out there, and it's so important to expose kids to a wide range of musical styles.

But it can be difficult for kids to explain what they hear when they listen to a new piece of music, and why they like or dislike a song.

And because kids love what is familiar, it may be hard for them to change the track from Pop Goes the Weasel to Mumford and Sons, never mind Vivaldi or Pavarotti!


That's why I've created these music appreciation cards!

The cards give kids vocabulary to describe the music they're listening to. Because if they're listening out for different aspects of the music, they might actually find that they like it! And if they don't like it, they'll at least be able to give a few reasons for their opinion.

To help make the musical concepts more concrete, there's a picture that describes the concept. For example, there's a picture of a tortoise to illustrate "very slow", a horse for "fast", and a cheetah for "very fast".

How do the cards work?

Choose a piece of music - try and choose songs from different musical styles each time you do the activity - and then get the kids to listen to it and choose the cards that they think describe the song best. There are three categories of cards (tempo, dynamics and feelings), and one extra card for your child to add their own idea.

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Download your free printable of the cards and use them for a fun activity for your kids.

And when you sign up to receive the cards, I’ll also send you some more detailed instructions on how you can turn music appreciation into a fun and educational game for you and your kids.

I’ll also send you some of my recommendations for kids’ music that is so awesome, even you’ll be putting the tracks on repeat!

Looking for more fun musical activities to do with your kids?

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