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Lesson: Let's travel together!

Lesson: Let's travel together!

We continue our "transport" theme this week. This lesson will focus on driving in the car, flying in an airplane, and even traveling in a submarine! Don't forget our awesome transport-inspired playlist of kids songs.

Welcome Song

Sing the Rocking the Playroom Welcome Song.

Rhythm: Driving in the Car (from Music Together)

Let's all get in the car, fasten our seatbelts and go for a drive! In this song from Music Together's Family Favorites Album, the kids will zoom, drive, screech, sing, and sleep in the car!

We'll incorporate a bit of imaginative play, as well as rhythm, into this activity. The children will sit in a circle and pretend to be driving a car. We'll use a variety of musical instruments and pretend that they are parts of the car:

  • Tambourines: hold like a steering wheel
  • Shakers: hold the bulb in one hand and shift the handle like a gear lever
  • Castanets: click like the sound of buckling a seatbelt
  • Drums: beat as you drive along a bumpy road
  • Rhythm sticks: pretend they are indicator levers, then click them together to make the indicator sound

As the children play the instruments, move as the song suggests - zoom, drive, screech, sing, and sleep. See the video below for ideas!

Rhythm: On an airplane

On an Airplane by Medeski, Martin and Wood has a bluesy/jazzy feel to it. I like including a song like this, because it exposes the children to a style of music that they're probably not used to.

The song features a harmonica, so I'll point this out to the children and show them a harmonica - if you don't have a harmonica, a picture will be fine. The children may be familiar with a harmonica, as I've seen them included in kids' percussion instrument packs. I'm not so sure about the wisdom of this because (let's be honest!) a harmonica is more of a noise-maker than a musical instrument in the hands (and mouth!) of a 4-year old!

You play the harmonica by blowing into the holes, as well as by sucking air out of the holes - each action produces a different note. Another reason why I'm not so sure about the wisdom of a harmonica as part of the kid's toy box! However, they produce a unique and bluesy sound when played well.

A harmonica

A harmonica

Such fun!

Such fun!

This guitarist has his harmonica on a neck stand so that he can play both instruments at the same time.

This guitarist has his harmonica on a neck stand so that he can play both instruments at the same time.

In our activity, we'll use shakers to shake to the beat of the song and use the cues in the song to shake up high, or down low, or to fly the shaker like an airplane:

Rhythm: Yellow Submarine

I was going to use the Raffi version of Yellow Submarine, but then I thought, why pass up the opportunity to expose the kids to The Beatles?!

The Beatles version of Yellow Submarine has quite a clear beat coming from the kick drum (the biggest drum in the drum kit that is played with a foot pedal). So the children will use their drums (made of formula tins and coffee tins) to match this beat. 

Movement: Clunker Car

Let's dance to Dance 'n Beats Clunker Car. The dance is made up of the following Dance 'n Beats movements, which are indicated in the video:

  • Tap and swing
  • Reach and tilt
  • Roll shoulders alternately
  • Nod whilst looking to the left, then right

Movement: Stop and Go

We probably won't have time for this one, but if you'd still like more transport-inspired dances, then Stop and Go is great. It is made up of the following Dance 'n Beats movements:

  • Kick
  • Grab
  • Kneelift/squat
  • Jump (in a start jump)
  • Reach (arms stretched up high, which then make a ticking clock movement)

If you'd still like more transport-inspired dancing, then there's also The Wheels on the Bus from Dance 'n Beats.


There are so many songs that we could sing for this theme! Check out my playlist of Transport Songs for Kids for an eclectic mix of songs that I'm sure parents will love as much as their kids. Today we'll sing the following songs:

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