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Here you'll find songs for babies, toddlers and preschoolers that you can sing whenever you feel like it.

There are also more structured Playschool Activities that parents or teachers could do as a playtime activity.

And finally, there are the Playschool Lessons, which group a few Playschool Activities together and follow the themes that the kids are doing at my local playschool.

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Lesson: Terrific Trees

Lesson: Terrific Trees

Every week, I share a music lesson I've done with the kids at playschool. Parents can do these lessons at home as a fun musical activity, and preschool/playschool teachers can use them for their music rings.

This week, we're learning all about trees. During their outside play, the children are very interested in the trees in the playground, so we'll seize the opportunity to teach them about the importance of trees on Earth - with a bit of a musical slant of course!

Welcome Song

Sing the Rocking the Playroom Welcome Song.

Dance: I'm a little acorn

We'll do this fun dance from Dance 'n Beats. I'll teach the children that an enormous tree starts with just a small seed, like an acorn.

Dance: Rainforest Explorer

A dance with a good message to protect our trees, particularly the rainforest.

Rhythm: Castanets

Play "Over the river and through the woods" and get the children to clop along with the castanets. This song has a very clear, regular "clip-clop" rhythm to it, so it's great to teach the children to play in a rhythm.

If I can see that the children can manage the regular rhythm, I'll see if they can alternate the rhythm. I'll split the class in half and get the first half to play on the "clip" and the other half to play on the "clop".

Parachute: Here we go round the mulberry bush

We'll start this activity by singing "Here we go round the mulberry bush" with our parachute - I've always known mulberries to grow on trees, so that's this activity's link to our theme! :) After that, we'll sing our new parachute song that I wrote for Baby Bible Class. Instead of singing "with our friends at Bible Class", we'll sing "with our friends at Simply Kids".

Singing: Big Family of God

We've been singing the first verse and chorus of Big Family of God. I've found it's been beneficial to go through the actions slowly, showing the children exactly how to do them. This week, we'll do the second verse.

Parallel Activities

Here are some activities for the younger kiddies to do during the more formal lesson. All the children will join together for the singing:

  • Sing "Here we go round the mulberry bush" with the parachute, and then do the parachute activity.
  • Play with rhythm sticks - explain that they are made of wood from trees.

Looking for more fun musical activities to do with your kids?

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Opposites in music

Opposites in music

Baby Bible Class Parachute Song

Baby Bible Class Parachute Song