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Here you'll find songs for babies, toddlers and preschoolers that you can sing whenever you feel like it.

There are also more structured Playschool Activities that parents or teachers could do as a playtime activity.

And finally, there are the Playschool Lessons, which group a few Playschool Activities together and follow the themes that the kids are doing at my local playschool.

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Lesson: Learning about Shapes

Lesson: Learning about Shapes

Every week, I share a music lesson I've done with the kids at playschool. Parents can do these lessons at home as a fun musical activity, and preschool/playschool teachers can use them for their music rings.

This week, the kids are learning about different shapes. We're going to learn about the different shapes with a fun tapping activity, and there are lots more musical activities to help the kids learn their basic shapes.

Welcome Song

Sing the Rocking the Playroom Welcome Song.

Singing: The Hokey Pokey

I've realised that the idea of just sitting in a circle is something we as adults take for granted, and expect kids to understand! But it's actually quite a conceptual leap for them to take - especially in their first few months of playschool. They've been sitting quite nicely in the circle (we tell them to "sit on the edge of the carpet"), but I've found it a bit challenging to get them to walk in a circle, and when I tried to get some of them to stand in the centre of the circle, the whole class wanted to follow and we ended up with something that more closely resembled a mob!

So I thought the Hokey Pokey might help! The kids stand fixed in their positions in the circle, but then they put their feet, hands, etc. "into" the circle. I'm hoping this will help them to build up the concept of a "circle" in their minds. We won't worry to much about whether they get their left and right feet right at this point! :)

I'll use the version from Children's Favourite Songs Volume 1 (Disney), but there are many versions.

Rhythm: Tap tap shapes

Have a look at the details for this activity here, but what we'll be doing is tapping on a different shape for each verse of the song.

Movement: Round round all around

We've done this song before, so we'll see if the kids remember it. It's a great one to get them moving in different ways and they'll be learning about circles in the process.

'Round, 'round, all around

From Shake, Rattle and Roll p. 112

(Tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Round round, all around
Fingers making circles
Round round, all around
Fingers making circles

The children point their fingers and make circles in the air. In each new verse, we choose a different body part to make circles e.g. thumbs, hands, arms, and elbows.

Singing: Uthando Lwake

I've been wanting to introduce a song in an African language, so this week, I'm going to try Uthando Lwakhe. (Apologies if my spelling or translations from isiZulu are not accurate - please let me know if you have corrections. I think I also do a it a bit differently to this version I found on YouTube, but I blame it on the "broken telephone" of church music!)

Uthando lwakhe, Uthando Lwakhe, Uthando Lwakhe
Luyamangalisa (His love is amazing)

Sihamba naye (We walk with Him)
Sihlala naye (We live with Him)
Silala naye (We rest with Him)
Sivuka naye (We awaken with Him)

Parallel Activities

Here are some parallel activities you can do with younger children:

  • Shake "shape shakers" - shakers in the shapes of circles, triangles and squares.
  • Colour in the shapes from the Tap Tap Shapes Activity Printable.
  • Sing "Twinkle twinkle little star".
  • Draw different shapes on the floor with chalk and get the children to jump into each shape.

Looking for more fun musical activities to do with your kids?

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Tap Tap Shapes

Tap Tap Shapes

Lesson: Farmyard Fun

Lesson: Farmyard Fun