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Learning Colours with the Fruit Salad Ballad

Learning Colours with the Fruit Salad Ballad

Today we're going to be learning about colours...

Let's all stand in a circle and look around at all the different colours of our friends' clothes. Look at what you're wearing today. Put your hand up if you're wearing red... blue... yellow... pink... etc.

Who likes eating fruit? There are lots of different colours of fruit. We are going to pretend to make a fruit salad in the middle of our circle. If you're wearing red, you can pretend to be a strawberry. If you're wearing green, you can pretend to be an apple.

Let's sing the song together... [Just sing the first verse of the song, without any dancing, to familiarise the children with the words.]

Demonstrate the dance moves

When we sing about the colour you are wearing, then you need to slide into the middle of the circle, which we will pretend is our fruit bowl. [Demonstrate how to slide -  turn and step sideways into the circle, dragging one foot (see Dance 'n Beats).]

Then once our "fruit" is in the centre of the circle, you need to sway, using the shoulders Dance 'n Beats move. Shift your weight from left to right leg, as you move your shoulders. Put your weight on your right leg when you're lifting your right shoulder, and vice versa.

Then finally, do the roll move when we sing the last two lines of the song. We're mixing up the fruit salad!

Sing The Fruit Salad Ballad - all verses

Sing the "red" and "strawberries" verse of The Fruit Salad Ballad, as above. Encourage the children to do the dance moves. Then sing all the other verses, until all the children are in the "fruit bowl" in the middle of the circle.


You don't only have to use the colours of the children's clothes. You could also give the children different coloured stickers to stick on their T-shirts or hands, and then adjust the first line to: "If your sticker's red today..." Or, you could use different coloured scarves: "If your scarf is red today..."

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