About Rocking the Playroom


Hi, I'm Shelley and I'm Rocking the Playroom with my two boys.

Besides jamming with the boys (a toddler and a preschooler), I’m also doing a weekly music lesson at a local playschool. I’ll be sharing the activities that we do at playschool and at home, and I’ll also give you some feedback on how the activities were received by the kids.

Hello moms and dads!

This blog is for the moms and dads at the playschool where I’m doing music lessons. Moms and dads, you can see what your kids have been up to in their music ring.

And it’s also for all other moms and dads who are looking for some ideas on incorporating musical education into their kids’ play. I think as adults we class ourselves as either “musical” or “not musical” and I don’t think that is accurate. I think there’s music in all of us, but as parents, we may need a little help teaching our kids about music in a more intentional way. So whatever your perceived musical ability, I’d love it if you would use some (or all) of the Playschool Activities with your kids in your home. I’m sure you’ll all have a lot of fun and be rocking your playroom in no time!

Hello Preschool, playschool and playgroup teachers!

There are also complete Playschool Lessons, which follow the themes we're using at out playschool. The Playschool Lessons group a few Playschool Activities together. You are welcome to use the lessons as part of their programmes as well. If you do any of the lessons or activities, please return the favour by leaving a comment.

Hello kids!

I’m sure you’re going to be such awesome little rockstars as you do these activities!

If you’re between the ages of 2 ½ and 5 years, then there will be lots of activities for you. I’ll also give your parents some suggestions for including your older or younger brothers and sisters too. There are also some activities and songs that are especially for tiny babies – because they’ll love music too!

A bit about Shelley…

I love having fun with music. I play the piano and guitar, but don’t ever ask me to sight read sheet music! My humble musical credentials include playing and singing in church bands, and playing in a rock band when I was at university. I also trained as a teacher many moons ago, so it’s great to be using some of my teacher training as I develop and teach these lessons.

Come rock with us!

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