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Come and get ideas for fun music activities to get your kids rocking, rolling and learning!


Music is beneficial to kids in so many ways, but you don't have to be a classically-trained maestro or a chart-topping rockstar to give your kids all the benefits of music.

But if you're anything like me, you could do with a few ideas, and that's what Rocking the Playroom is all about - fun music activities that can be done at home, at school, or even at a playdate!

Some of our activities teach the children about basic music theory and musical instruments, but most are centred around a theme from the children's everyday life, and the music helps the children to learn about their world!

So come and rock along with us and give your kids all the benefits that music has to offer!


Music Appreciation Cards for Kids from Rocking the Playroom

There's so much to love about music!

Get your kids talking about what they hear with this free printable set of music appreciation cards (PDF).

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